Brandon Ray Animation Reel 2015

All visuals from 2009-2015 animated by myself. This reel does not include my animation for Amazon Studios/Picrow, Imperial Sugar, Valero/Corner Store, and various other commercial clients. “Bad Bad Man” by Ru...
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Brandon Ray in front of the Repurposing Cyclical City
"Be Brave" by Aja Monet get Best Music Video Award at Rincon Film Fest 2015. Directed and animated by Brandon Ray of Paper Brain Productions.
Runaway Sun "Bad Bad Man". Images Copyright 2015 Rivet. All Rights Reserved.
Lynn Birdwell, Lou Congelio, Kim Gandy, Brandon Ray, and Samantha Steele with their 2015 Addy Award for "Sunnova. Go Solar.  Save Money."
"Anything Made of Paper" by Bill Carter
Happy Holidays from Brandon Ray and Paper Brain Animation
Aja Monet - "Courage"